Renate Yerkes designs knitwear and works as an artist in Portland, Oregon. 

Raised in a creative atmostphere, her focus on fashion began at an early age, playing with homemade paper dolls her mother made for her and her sisters. Her mother also taught her to knit as a young girl. Her cultural influence is a blend of German, Nordic, and Peruvian roots; each in which knitting is regarded as a fundamental skill. 

In Janurary 2016, Renate began her knitwear and apparel design business, using the moniker Elephino, a nickname for the muse in her life, her little girl, a hairless chihuahua-daschhund mixed puppy named Imogen. In May 2017, a sweater design she made, called The Sommer Regn, was featured in Laine Magazine, a Finnish maker's publication. 
Renate's mission is to present products and slow fashion patterns with a modern, refreshingly energetic aesthetic, so that fashion aficionatos and makers of all levels of experience can produce these essential pieces for their own carefully currated life-style wardrobes.